Amro Salah

Egypt - piano

Amro is one of the most famous artists in the Egyptian jazz scene that began to grow in the mid-1990s. He has participated in numerous jazz projects and ensembles, beginning his jazz career with the band Afro Jam and bassist Hasan Khalil.

In 1999, he toured with the Yehia Khalil Jazz Band on a European tour and performed at the International Music Day in Italy, followed by the Bansko Jazz Festival in Bulgaria, the Nisville Jazz Fest in Serbia, the San Jose Jazz Fest (USA), PANAF.

He has also collaborated with the Ahmad Rabee Jazz Fusion Quartet, Salah Ragab, Gwen Perry Trio, Christine Gordon, Louise Mills (Sax), Jay Rodriguez (Sax), Tommy Smith (Sax), Naseer Shamm, Edmar Castaned, Theodosii Spwartz, Bart, Jaques Robert Gatt, Ross Daly and many other local and international jazz artists.

In 2002 he founded the Egyptian jazz band Eftekasat, a fusion of Egyptian, alternative and jazz music, and he is the founder of the Cairo Jazz Festival and the Jazz Society of Egypt.