Hardanger fiddle

Erlend Apneseth is one of Norway’s most renowned Hardanger fiddle players. Traditionally rooted, in recent years Apneseth has made the contemporary / improvised music scene his home and his debut recording Blikkspor (Grappa Musikkforlag, 2013), produced by Arve Henriksen, received critical praise from folk, jazz and contemporary music magazines alike.

His second album, featuring drummer Øyvind Hegg-Lunde (Building Instrument, José González) and guitarist Stephan Meidell (Cakewalk, Krachmacher), was released 4th of February 2016 on the Norwegian jazz / impro label HUBRO, and received exceptional reviews from both national and international medias. The album won the Folkelarm-award, and was nominated for a Norwegian Grammy for best album in the open genre-category.

"Erlend Apneseth is a virtuoso on his eight stringed violin, the Hardanger fiddle, which is plucked, stroked, tweaked and bowed at the core of this exploration of its capabilities." - The Arts Desk

"The diversity of moods, styles, settings - and the track sequence - make for an enthralling listen." - BBC Music Magazine, Jon Lusk ★★★★★

"Always adventurous, occasionaly startling, and frequently hauntingly beautiful." – fRoots

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