Jazz ExTempore

The Jazz Ex Tempore is an intercultural and educational project which deals with traditional music heritage.

The starting point is the search for similarities and differences in traditional music expression that later merge into modern jazz music, with key idea being the one on preservation of cultural heritage and cultural identity.

"Project Jazz Ex Tempore is one of the leading Croatian international multicultural projects, which can represent Croatia in Europe.. Besides being a project important for the preservation of cultural heritage and cultural identity, it also contributes to the promotion of Croatian culture in the world and includes it in the international cultural cooperation".Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia

Jazz Ex Tempore is a meeting of the significant artists from several countries which compose, rehearse and play along the new and original repertoire during a one-week event. Each of them brings their own traditional music idioms and original compositions, that are going to be explored together, interactively rearranged, rehearsed, and performed at the end of the meeting.

In 2007. first CD was released, containing live recordings from first two editions concerts. CD „Jazz Ex Tempore '05/06“ won three Porin (croatian discographic award) awards in the categories: Best jazz album, best jazz composition and best jazz performance

In 2009. g. second cd by the Jazz Ex Tempore project 2008. band – „Jazz Ex Tempore Orchestra – Round Trip“ was released.

In 2016. third album "criss - CROSS # Jazz Ex Tempore Orchestra" was released.

So far, the project Jazz Ex Tempore hosted artists from Europe (Italy, Austria, Sardinia, Russia, France, Macedonia, Vojvodina, Slovenia, Great Britain, Finland, Netherlands, Bosnia Hercegovina, Spain, Croatia), Asia (Armenia, Indonesia), Africa (Mali, Morocco) and America (Cuba, Mexico, Jamaica, Uruguay, USA, Canada, Costarica).

You can find out more about past editions here.

Liburnia Jazz Festival

Since 2008., project was extended beyond Croatian borders.Thus, the compositions made in Croatia have been performed on concerts in the UK )London,Scarborough, Southport, Manchester, Birmingham, Cambridge), Bulgaria (Sofia,Plovdiv), Netherlands (Groningen, Leimuiden), Italy (Grado), Serbia (Novi Sad, Subotica, Valjevo) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo, Mostar).