Opatija, 10. - 15. 11. 2018.

The 14th edition of the Jazz Ex Tempore project is devoted entirely to women in jazz.

For decades, various women's groups have warned of the disproportionate share of women in all industries, including music. Women as composers are represented only with 20%. Of the 367 regular members of the Croatian Society of Composers, there are only 13 women composers of classical and jazz music. The other 73 are musicologists or composers of pop, rock and entertaining music. None of them are in the top 5 of the author's earnings, and only one has a significant earnings from the concerts. Women Jazz musicians in Croatia, as worldwide, are  mostly singers, while jazz instrumentalists can be hardly ever found..

The starting position of women and men in music, as well in jazz, is simply not the same. Women rarely decide on jazz studiies (there are only about 9%), rarely are bands leaders, rarely deal with composing. One of the reasons for this is the perception of jazz as mostly male music (in the band a woman is possibly accepted only as a singer), the next reason is a sexual stereotypes about some types of instruments (trumpet, double bass or drums are "male" instruments), so there are very few female jazz instrumentalists which young girls could see or learn from..

At this year's Jazz Ex Tempore we have invited jazzists who meet these prejudices every day and try to change the perception of women in jazz. They are:

Yazz Ahmed – a Bahaian trumpeter and composer joining her Arab culture with jazz,

  • Andrea Vicary – pianist and jazz composer professor at London's Trinity College,
  • Rosa Brunello – a young Italian counter-bassist and band leader Rosa Brunello and Los Fermentos,
  • Alba Nacinovich – a Croatian singer/instrumentalist of strong individuality who introduced electronics and live looping in Croatian jazz.

During the duration of the Jazz Ex Tempore project, musicians will perform two open workshops, admission- free, at the Vila Antonio:

12. 11. Monday, 19 h: Yazz Ahmed: Arabic music and jazz

13. 11., Tuesday, 19 h: Andrea Vicary, Yazz Ahmed, Rosa Brunello, Alba Nacinovich: Women in jazz

The closing concert will be held on Wednesday, November 14 at the Gervais Center, starting at 20 hrs.

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