Opatija, 05. - 07. VII. 2024.

The first weekend in July, Opatija again becomes a jazz stage. In three days, jazz will be played in Opatija "from morning to tomorrow", on sea and land, from the Summer Stage to the historic terraces of the hotel, on the boat, the city promenade, streets, pavilions. This year, we are bringing jazz music to the golden audience at the Volosko Retirement Home, and the youngest will encounter jazz for the first time in the Angiolina Park Music Pavilion at children's workshops.

Liburnia Jazz Festival is the largest Croatian international jazz festival. It had its first edition in 2001 and despite all the crises, it has managed to survive to this day.

Program of the 24th Liburnia Jazz Festival


Open air theatre, 06. VII. 2024., 21:30h

Richard Galliano is a legendary French musician, the idol of every accordionist, the man who was commissioned by Astor Piazzola himself to create the French "New Musette", as he himself created the Argentinian "New Tango".

Announcing the concert at the Liburnia Jazz Festival, Galliano said: “In the company of Adrien Moignard (guitar and cello) and Diego Imbert (double bass), we will approach the New Tango and New Musette repertoire in the jazz mood, playing each concert in a completely free way, sometimes far from the score but never far from the soul of the composer. "

EARLY BIRD tickets for Richard Galliano's concert for 20,00 euros (until 01. VI. 2024) can be purchased on-line at www.mojekarte.hr, points of sales and Festival Opatija, Zert bb, Opatija

Full ticket price after 01.VI. will be 30,00 eur

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