„Juna Serita is one of the original members and founders of the Japanese band and YouTube sensation TOKYO GROOVE JYOSHI. Their music video "What is Hip?" reached millions of followers on social networks, and "Funk No. 1", as many as 8.5 million views in less than a year. The members split up in 2020 and Juna Serita continues her solo career, founding a new girl band.

Juna Serita is a bassist, singer, composer and band leader who has been shocking the world with her incredible sound, strong groove and striking originality since the very beginning of her career. Despite her young age, Juna has already amassed a large following with millions of views across all social media platforms and has worked with established names in modern music including Matt Schofield, Kirk Fletcher, Davide Pannozzo, Jack Gardiner and Sina Doering.

She has released three albums and each one has achieved great success on the iTunes charts from Japan and Denmark to Turkey. Critics called her the Princess of Funk and one of the best bass players in the world.

Saturday, 08. 07. 2023., 21:30 h, Open Air Theatre