Workshop for children (7-11 years) by Iva Volović and Anton Železnik

Are you ready to discover the story of the "Unusual Adventure" workshop? Are you interested in all the imaginative ways music can be heard and felt? If your answer is yes, an exciting journey will follow in which you will learn something about those musical instruments in jazz that move the breath and at the moment when you think that it might be the end, you will find out that it is also possible to paint with the breath.

The workshop is conceived as a divergent game - an interactive creation of one's own artwork inspired by listening to selected jazz compositions and an educational motivational story. Children are enabled to explore musical and artistic elements in a natural and appropriate way, through two-way communication with leaders and direct contact with music in order to develop creativity and divergent thinking through musical and artistic expression.

The goal of the workshop is freedom of expression, development of imagination and artistic awareness, increasing social awareness, self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence. It helps in the development of systematic and creative thinking, children's ability to think unconventionally and unify artistic forms.

Sunday, 07. 07. 2024., 10:00 h , Croatian Museum of Tourism - Villa Angiolina