Denis Razumović - alto saX; Karlo Lovrić -keyboards; Vedran Ružić - double bass, Rajko Ergić - drums, Karlo Ilić - guitar, Lovro Mirth - vocal

He won many awards and played with many notable musicians, such as Herb Geller and Giovanni Maier, signing four albums as a leader: In Umbra, For Believers Only, Port to Port to Port and Urban Minority. However, Razz considers his latest studio album, Discrepancies in Blue, to be his most successful, both in terms of performance and composition. Discrepancies in Blue brings new, fresh and fearless music, but also a unique cross-section of jazz history from Charlie Parker and Charles Mingus onwards. Razz's music is necessarily contemporary, ruthless in every idea, but completely imbued with swing.

He is a holder of several croatian music awards "Status", and he was voted as a best Croatian Alto sax player.

The album was created as a result of Razz's thinking about the meaning of his musical style, including the influence of sound images conveyed by his performances. He sought to understand the sensitive mechanisms that, through music, influence the creation of "stolen moments" during performance. In a way, in line with Oliver Nelson's explorations in Blues and the Abstract Truth, Razz said of his own work: "I dedicate these compositions to the phenomenon of the blues. I offer listeners an opportunity to plunge into the dark, irregular, asymmetrical cracks in the deepest depths of the blues."

Petak, 05. 07. 2024., 21:30 h ,Open Air Theatre