Mirsad Dalipi

Kosovo - drums

One of the most praised and most sought-after drummers in Croatia at the moment is Mirsad Dalipi, a Rom from Kosovo who moved to Zagreb following his love. After moving from Kosovo to Zagreb, Dalipi soon became known as one of the best drummers who is ready to perform with various performers, regardless of music genre, although he prefers jazz, emphasizing that it was the jazz which gave him the opportunity to express himself in various stages of life and develops as a human being.

Originally from Ashkali, or Kosovo Roma, Mirsad started playing music as a child, which is not surprising considering that his father was also involved in music, while his mother's family was involved in theater, dance and film. In his youth, he founded the group Gipsy Groove, with whom he recorded two albums, and the third is currently recording. After years of playing with many musicians in Pristina, Dalipi headed to Europe and performed in clubs. In Croatia, he usually performs in the band of Edo Maajka, he is also a member of Mario Rašić's band, but he receives invitations for performances or recordings almost every day. In the NGO Status M, which raises awareness of society, questioning and deconstructing social norms and stereotypes and promoting responsible behavior with the aim of building a society of nonviolence and gender equality, he works as an educator in a positive parenting program with fathers in prisons and prisons in Croatia.