Branimir Gazdik - drums; Lenart Krečić- saxophone; Maasej Kovačević - keyboards; Vedran Ružić - el. bass;

Branimir Gazdik, a famous jazz-fusion musician from Rijeka, has been working on the Croatian music scene for many years, collaborating with major names in jazz an pop music as a studio and live drummer.

He has released three solo albums:
"Friendly" (2008) nomination for the "Porin" award in the jazz album category
"Link" (2018) nominations for the "Porin" award in all jazz categories (best jazz album, best jazz performance - song "Link", best jazz song - song "Mara"),
"Live At Trsat Castle (2019). "Porin" award for the best jazz composition "GIFTED"

The original music performed by the quartet is a synergy of various styles (jazz, funk, latin, world music ...) fused into a common "fusion" expression characteristic of this band.

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