Elvis Stanić - guitar; Alba Nacinovich - vocal; Ivan Popeskić - keyboards; Branimir Gazdik - drums; Damjan Grbac- bass

"… A recognizable manuscript soaked in the permeation of colorful musical echoes that disciplines the characteristic authorial process… a real spectacle." (Sven Semenčić, Globus)

"Rare are… such stylistically refined and also superior performances superior." (Darko Glavan)

"Such a fruitful synergy between ... jazz musicians and the audience, happens (happens) only in rare stellar moments" (Ivan-Ivica Stamać, Cantus)

Elvis Stanić is one of the best Croatian contemporary guitarists and accordionists and the most awarded jazz composer of the middle generation. He has performed at many jazz festivals in the country and abroad (USA, China, Great Britain, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Turkey, Germany, Norway, Greece, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Montenegro), and has twice performed as the only Croatian representative at the world's largest jazz festival in Montreaux.

He has won numerous national and international awards for music art and culture (28 Porin discography awards for jazz, pop instrumental and pop music, 9 HGU Status awards, ...), and in 2008 he was awarded the Order of the Croatian Danica with the character of Marko Marulić for special merits in culture.

ELVIS STANIĆ GROUP are the winners of 15 Porins for jazz music. They are a jazz fusion group that combines the Mediterranean melody of traditional Croatian music with the rhythms of Latin expression and contemporary jazz tendencies.

In the meantime, the band has been "rejuvenated" with new members, the repertoire has been refreshed with electronics and a new approach to the most famous original compositions, and they also present new material that will be released soon.

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