Elvis Stanić is one of the best Croatian contemporary guitarists and accordionists and the most respected jazz composer of the middle generation. The leader is Elvis Stanic Group, a jazz fusion band that combines Mediterranean melodies of traditional Croatian music with rhythms of Latin expression and contemporary jazz tendencies. Over the years, they become a true domestic jazz attraction.

The group performs original modern jazz, crossing the boundaries of traditional and Latin music. They have released six author albums and two compilations of best achievements.

As a composer, he is especially dedicated to studying both Croatian and international traditional music, and also in the so-called " World music is one of the leading musicians in Croatia. He has won numerous national and international awards for music and culture (28 Porin record labels, 9 Status HGU prizes, ...) and in 2008 he was awarded with the Medal of the Order of Croatian Danica- highest national recognition for art and culture.

Friday, 07. 07. 2017., 21:30 h, Open Air Theatre