Dina Bušić - vocal; Melita Ivković - guitar; Miroslav Tadić - guitar; Yvette Holzwarth - violin

Behind the name Dina e Mel hides exceptional musicians from Zadar, Dina Bušić and Melita Ivković, both trained as classical musicians (vocals and guitar), but with their hearts open to both traditional music and jazz. In 2020, they teamed up with experienced like-minded musicians, guitar virtuoso Miroslav Tadić, violinist Yvette Holzwarth and Edin Karamazov, and revived today forgotten songs of Zadar's Arbanasi.

Archaic songs in the Albanian language (Albanian with elements of Italian and Croatian), according to UNESCO, today one of the most endangered languagesin Europe, are colored in their arrangements by various influences that their destiny, life experience and musical ethos incorporate.

Bërbili / Slavuj is an authentic and original Mediterranean-oriental musical story upgraded with new, extremely strongly profiled arrangements by musicians. "It is exciting to hear how and with what Dina, Melita, Yvette and Miroslav complement and supplement the Arbanassi musical experience, and how they write their own interpretation, aesthetic faith and fascination in those empty places and gray zones of oblivion." (Miljenko Jergović)

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Friday, 01. 07. 2021., 21:30 h , Open Air Theatre