Exploding Pig is an emerging eclectic band comprised of a talented group of friends with rich musical backgrounds, they’re set to make waves with their versatile sound and style, often described as Jazz meets 70’s porn music.

Influenced by American pop culture and the band mascot Ebɛr, Exploding Pig radiate a feel-good, genre-defying sound. The talented band aims to push the envelope with their sound blending jazz, hip-hop, psychedelic lounge elements, and lo-fi beats.

The band members include top musicians Luis Bonilla, trombonist and multiple Grammy winner, collaborator Dizzy Gillespie, Poncho Sanchez, Lester Bowie, McCoy Tyner, Astrud Gilberto, Marc Anthony, Paquita d’Rivere, Vanguard Jazz Orchestra and Phil Collins; Fabio Schurischuster, guitarist known for his playfulness, creativity and vintage sound inspired by blues, rock and jazz; Bernhard Wimmer, drummer known as Groove Machine and Albi Klinger, famous bassist of the Austrian rock, pop and jazz scene.

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Saturday, 02. 07. 2022., 19:00 h , Art Pavillion Juraj Šporer