Mel & Ben Duo

Melita Lovričević (vocals) and Benedikt Petrak (guitar) are a musical duo that combines traditional, folk, jazz, pop, fusion, and original music, using their instruments, voices, creativity and science to create their recognizable signature sound. They play together for over 20 years, from earliest childhood, to various music festivals and clubs, growing together as an uncle and niece.

The repertoire is made up of carefully selected jazz standards, bossa new, homemade ethnics, pop hits and fusion world sounds with authorship of both musicians, and family closeness and communication greatly contribute to the specialty of their expression and ease of communication with the audience.

Melita has a number of her own projects in which she collaborates with renowned Croatian musicians Mario Igrec, Mladen Baraković, Julije Njikoš, Branko Ovčarić, Jura Vrandečić, as well as many other fellow musicians from the newer generation. Benedikt, who is also a Doctor of Science, won the Best Composer Award On Omiš guitar festival in 2015.

Saturday, 08. 07. 2017., 11:00 h, Hotel Kvarner - Jazz Breakfast